Wednesday, November 11, 2009

nSBCode value for ScrollBar Control

SB_UP -- Scroll far to up.
SB_DOWN -- Scroll far to down.
SB_LINEUP -- Scroll to Upper side.
SB_LINEDOWN -- scroll to down side.
SB_LEFT -- Scroll far to left.
SB_RIGHT -- Scroll far to right.
SB_ENDSCROLL -- End scroll.
SB_LINELEFT -- Scroll left.
SB_LINERIGHT -- Scroll right.
SB_PAGELEFT -- Scroll one page left.
SB_PAGERIGHT -- Scroll one page right
Drag scroll box to specified position.
nPos is the position that the scroll box has been dragged to.
Scroll to absolute position. nPos is the position of the
scroll box at the end of the drag operation.

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