Saturday, November 14, 2009

VC++ (Visual C++) Syllabus , AITS (Atmiya Institute) , Rajkot

Paper - 101 Object Oriented Programming using Visual C++
  • Introduction to OOP
  • Basic OOP Concepts & Applications
  • Introduction of VC++
  • Controls usages in Application
  • Mouse and Keyboard integration
  • Dialog based Application
  • Message Handling Mechanism
  • Multiple Dialog Handling
  • Documents, Views, and the Single Document Interface
  • Scroll Views, HTML Views, and Other View Types
  • Menu Environment
  • Text and Fonts handling
  • Incorporating Graphics, Drawing and Bitmaps
  • Device Contexts and GDI Objects
  • Single Document Interface Application
  • Multiple Documents and Multiple Views
  • CArchive and CFile classes
  • Database handling using ODBC
  • Database handling using DAO
  • Database handling using OLEDB
  • Error Detection and Exception Handling
  • Toolbars, Status Bars, and Rebars
  • Serialization
  • Creating DLLs (COM) using ATL & App Wizard
  • ActiveX Controls integration in VC++ application
  • Creating ActiveX controls

Reference Books:
Mastering VC++, BPB Publication
Practical VC++, PHI Publication
VC++ Unleashed, Techmedia Publication
Programming VC++, Microsoftpress Publication