Monday, November 16, 2009

VC++ (Visual C++) Program List for Submission

M.Sc (IT & CA) Sem – I
Object Oriented Programming using Visual C++
List of Practical


Create Dialog based Application with command button and MessageBox () (Use all Parameters) to print the message with no of clicks whenever user clicks on command button.

Develop Calculator using Dialog.
Hint: 1 Edit Box, 4 Radio Buttons,
Error Message like Divide by 0 Error,
Use Appropriate Controls.
Create Dialog based Application as shown below with use of ListBox (3a) and ComboBox.(3b)

Create Dialog based Applications with two EditBox to show use of different String function and Show final answer in MessageBox.
Hint: 2 EditBox, Radio Buttons (Min 5), CheckBox (Min 5)
Create all Controls through Coding.
Create Dialog based Applications with multiple Dialog Box to Show functionality of ProgressBar and Slider.
Hint: 3 DialogBox ,
1-> Create and Send Message (Slider)
2-> Show the Status of Message (Progress Bar)
3-> Read Message
* If Possible Implement Vice-Versa and Use Animation.
Create Dialog based Application with Multiple Dialog box.

Create Dynamic Static Box in 1st Dialog with following values.
* Position where user press Left Button.
* Caption = Text in EditBox of 2nd Dialog Box.
Write a program to draw a line using three different mouse events.

Write a program to draw a circle, a polygon and a rectangle in the client area. Create your own pen and brush. Each shape should be drawn with different pen and brush.
Write a program to Animate Circle.

* Circle should be Moved from one Point to Another.
* While Moving towards another Point its size should be Changed.
Write a program to Make Simple Text Editor.

* Use Virtual Key.
* User Can Enter and Edit Text.

Submission Date : 15-Nov-2009

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